Accreditation & Recognitions

Graphic Era Hill University awarded the prestigious Best Upcoming and Innovative University award by the CCLA Indian Education Leadership Award and Summit 2017.


Certificate of Approval  

ISO 9001: 2008 QMS Certified

Graphic Era Hill University is ISO 9001: 2008 QMS Certified for imparting Quality Education along with Research Facilities in School of Engineering & Technology, School of Management, School of Business Administration, School of Allied Sciences and School of Humanities.


Indian Society for Technical Education

Indian Society for Technical Education has been devoted to the promotion of quality and standards in technical education since 1968. GEHU has been admitted as an Institutional Member of the Society. As a result of this association, ISTE will assist and contribute in the production and development of Top Quality professional engineers needed by the Industry and other organizations and provide guidance and training to students to develop better learning skills and personality.


Computer Society of India

The purposes of the Computer Society of India, initiated as early as 1965, has always been scientific and educational growth directed towards the advancement of the theory and practice of computer science and IT. The organization has grown to an enviable size of 100,000 strong members consisting of professionals with varied backgrounds including Software developers, Scientists, Academicians, Project Managers, CIO's , CTO's & IT vendors to name just a few. It has spread its branches all over the country. Currently having more than 500 student branches and rooted firmly at 73 different locations, CIS’s idea has been to spread the knowledge, and provide opportunities to as many as possible. GEHU has now become an educational institution member on the 1st of July, 2014 in order to enable graduate and post graduate students an opportunity to interact with their peers from all across the country as well as eminent members of the industry and academia so as to enhance their career and personal development.


The Institution of Engineers (India)

The Institution of Engineers (India) had a vision to  “enable practice of ethical ethos and pursuits of professional excellence for engineering fraternity to serve the humanity through inclusive growth”. GEHU has been granted a Life Institutional Membership to the same on March 2014.