Department of Electronics and Communication


Analog Electronics Lab

Analog Trainer Kit with power supply, Multi Meter, CRO, Function Generator, Decade resistance, capacitor box & different value of component


Analog Communication Lab

Analog Trainer Kit (Amplitude modulated and demodulated Trainer Kit) with power supply, Multi Meter, CRO, spec term analyzer, DSB-SC Signal generation Kit, SSB Signal generation Kit, Frequency modulation kit ST2203 tech. books, DSB/ SSB Transmitter kit, Pulse amplitude modulation & demodulation kit.


Digital Electronics Lab

Digital trainer kit with power supply, multi meter, connecting wire and different gats ICS


Micro Processor Lab

Digital Trainer Kit With Power Supply, Multi Meter, Connecting Wire And Different Gats, Ices, ADC AND DAC INTERFACE CARD


Digital Communication Lab

Sampling and Reconstrustion Trainor Kit,z TDM PCM Transmitter Kit and Reciver Kit Delta, Adaptive, Delta, Delta Sigma Motulation/ Demotulation Kit Data Formatting Carrier Motulation Transmitter Kit and Reciver Kit,Spectrum Analyser 70mhz Bandwitdh Two Channel Digtel Storage Osciloscope


Micro Wave Lab

Compact Micro Wave Lab Kit (Vx-2003), Compact Micro Wave Lab Kit (Vx-2010), Advanced Micro strip Trainer Kit (Vx-2012), Micro Wave Power Meter



PCB prototype making machine with compatible software along with tool box set


Microprocessor and Microcontroller

Microcontroller Kit With Power Supply & Key Board, Traffic Light Of Two Section Cum Logic Card, Stepper Motor & 12v DC Motor Interface Card, Scanning Technique Illustrating Led Display, Temperature Controller With Mini Oven Study Card, Opto Isolated 24v Dc Two Relay Study Card


Basic Electrical & Electronics Lab

C.R.O 30mhz, Digital Multimeter, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Analog Digital Trainer Kit, Single Phase Energy Meter Trainer, Power Measurement by 2 Watt Meter, Watt Meter Single Phase, Power Factor Meter, Lamp Load, Single Phase Variac 10amp, Panel For Running & Reversal On Single Phase Induction Motor, Panel For Oc & Sc Test on Single Phase Transformer, AF Oscilator, Transistor Kit, Digital Gates Kit, L.C.R. Series & Parallelckt, Network Theorem Kit


Other facilities are as below:

  • Network Analysis Lab
  • Control system lab and DSP Lab with MATLAB
  • VHDL Lab