Department of Electronics and Communication


Research Publication Details- ECE Bhimtal Campus 

S.No Title Journal Publication month/Year Volume Page No. ISSN/ ISBN No. Authors
1 Design And Analysis Of Micro strip antenna using HFSS software International journal of computer science and communication Jan-June  2012 3 119-114 ISSN 0973-7391 sandeep sunori
2 Vision base Tool Monitoring System for a Reconfigure Micro Factory System International Journal of Computer Applications  Feb-12 40(6) 36-39   sandeep sunori
3 Lambda tuning technique based controller design for an industrial blending process International Journal of Computer Science and Communication  January-June 2012 3 143-146 ISSN 0973-7391 sandeep sunori
4 Design of Current Pulser for Electrochemical Based Semiconductor Device Processes International Journal of Advanced Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJARECE) Feb-14 3   ISSN: 2278 – 909X sandeep sunori
5 A Low-Power Wideband High Dynamic Range Single-Stage Variable Gain Amplifier Communications in Computer and Information Science 2013       Vivek Verma, Chetan D. Parikh 
6 Implementation and simulation of a commercial RF Switch Integration with Steerable Square Loop Antenna IET electronic letters, Jun-11 47 686-687 doi:10.1049/el.2011.0905 P. Deo, M. Pant, A. Mehta, D. Mirshekhar and H. Nakano 
7 Image Denoising Based On Averaging Of Two Wavelet Transformed Images International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA September- October 2012 2 2112-2119   Dikendra Verma, Sanjay Mathur
8 Review on Electronic Load Controller International Journal of Scientific Engineering and technology 1-Apr-12 1 93-102 ISSN 2277-1581 Vimal Singh Bisht, Y.R Sood, Nikhil, Suryakant
9 Genetic Algorithim Based Bacterial Foraging Approach For Optimization  International Journal of Computer Applications  18-May-12     ISBSN 973-93-80868-24-6 Vimal Singh Bisht,Nikhil, Gautam Shah, Suryakant