Why Recruit from GEHU?

In Graphic Era Hill University, we understand the importance of sending out "Industry- ready" graduates. This endeavor is facilitated by our full-fledged Personality Enrichment Program as well as our Placement Cell, collectively referred to as our Corporate Resource Cell, which has been designed to incorporate all essential aspects of professional development and career advancement.


The Corporate Resource Cell at GEHU serves as an intermediary between the corporate world and young graduates and post graduates. The Corporate Resource Cell further strives to provide our students the necessary guidance for their choice of career and access to employers by generating ample opportunities for placements and brings awareness to the faculty and the students to prepare according to the changing demands of the industry. It also maintains an ongoing corporate networking program to place students and ensures a continuing flow of placement opportunities.

The Fortune 500 companies have in a survey conducted stated that Communication Skills and “Out-of-the-Box” thinking are the two essential qualities that help distinguish a graduate from the next. Graphic Era Hill University as a result of its constant associations with the industry has realized the importance of inculcating these skills in our young aspiring graduates and post graduates. In line with the above, GEHU has a unique offering termed as “PDP” or its Personality Development Program which inculcates in the students these essential skills in addition to life skills thereby enhancing the employability quotient of the students and easing the campus to corporate transition. GEHU believes in creating the “Leaders of Tomorrow” and PDP is a step towards the same.

Together with academics, our students are groomed to become better professionals from the first year itself via extensive focus on professional etiquette and grooming, personality development workshops and industrial exposure opportunities. Special emphasis is placed on conduct and communication skills.

The functioning of the Corporate Resource Cell at GEHU

The corporate resource cell at GEHU has been designed to undertake the following activities:

  • Assist students to develop/clarify their academic and career interests, and their short and long-term goals through individual counseling and group sessions
  • Assist students to develop and implement successful job search strategies
  • Work with faculty members, Department Heads and administration to integrate career planning and academic curriculum as well as coordinate Project Work/ Summer Training/internship programs
  • Assist employers to achieve their hiring goals
  • Serve the community by providing access to our campus - wide activities & career resources
  • Empower students with life-long career decision-making skills
  • Provide resources and activities to facilitate the career planning process
  • Act as a link between students, alumni and the employment community
  • Upgradation of the students’ skill sets to correspond to the expectations of the industry
  • Generate of awareness in the students regarding future career options available to them
  • Assist different companies in recruiting candidates as per their requirements
  • Assist our students in obtaining final placement in reputed companies
  • Placement of students in different companies for summer internship after sixth semester

An integral aspect of the Corporate Resources Cell is the Personality Development Team which places emphasis on grooming essential social and business etiquette to young graduates and postgraduates

The Personality Development Team at GEHU

The members of the Personality Development Team consists of experts with vast industry experience hailing from different corporate sectors who have transitioned to academics. The team members are as listed below:

Mr. P. A. Anand,Head of the Personality Development Program at GEHU has a B.Tech from IIT Roorkee and MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. He has 14 years of experience in academics, automobile, and steel industry.He has authored a book with Savera Publications, India and another in Wiley Publications to help students prepare for competitive examinations. He has been training students for national level aptitude tests for the last 10 years.






Ms. Nishu Chawla with Masters in English and teaching experience of 10 years, preparing and delivering effective classes to enhance English language skills, verbal skills and soft skills using pre-designed or self-developed course material. Taking account of different levels and learning styles of students and providing an interactive communicative an environment conducive to learning.

We look forward to the visit of interested organizations to GEHU for mutually beneficial interactions.