School of Architecture and Planning


Vision of SAP

Make architectural education innovation-oriented and relevant in the cultural, environmental and developmental context.

Mission of SAP

The education at SAP, GEHU  focuses on making environmentally sensitive and responsive architects capable of creating a better-built environment through an emphasis on practical knowledge, innovative designs, and problem- solving abilities.

SAP, GEHU is committed to making architectural education play a significant role in the Developmental context of the Himalayan region.

School of Architecture & Planning at GEHU brings together an active community of scholars and students to creatively confront the issues facing our cities and metropolitan regions. Through instruction, participation in research, and community interaction, students explore the changing character and critical problems of modern urban development. The curriculum emphasizes a student’s understanding of the political, economic, institutional, and social context within which planners work with a diverse range of stakeholders to develop and implement plans, policies, and programs. Specializations include housing and economic development, land use, growth management and environmental planning, transportation planning, and social planning.

The interaction among the students and faculty in all the divisions at GEHU as well as the interaction with other disciplines makes for a truly rare educational experience!