School of Engineering and Technology


There is hardly an area in modern society not touched upon by Engineering and Technology. Basic Amenities ranging from Mobile Phones to Wireless Connectivity, Electrical Networks and Digital Systems are a consequence of the imagination of engineers. The challenges and opportunities for innovation are soaring in the world today and engineers are at the forefront of concept and design.Keeping up with the trends in the world today, the School of Engineering & Technology at GEHU, Dehradun has been on an exponential growth path. Consisting of experienced and dedicated faculty members, who have a strong commitment to impart engineering education and who work zealously to provide a unique learning experience to young minds, the School of Engineering & Technology at GEHU has a well designed curriculum which is constantly reviewed to incorporate all advancements in existing and emerging technologies giving its students an informed view of the present scenario.The curriculum, which also includes multiple annual seminar presentations based on their learnings from Online Courses in reputed International Universities registrations, provides students avenues to explore their areas of interest beyond the realm of the University Campus. The students conduct extensive research on their topics and present them to a panel which provides feedback both on their technical content as well as on their presentation style. The curriculum also includes mini projects as a mandatory component for all courses under the aegis of School of Engineering & Technology, since we feel at GEHU that the application of knowledge and practice in a controlled environment provides a complete learning experience to the student. A major project in the final year of both UG and PG courses prepares a student with the research exposure necessary for industry, academics as well as research and development labs. The availability of electives or advanced courses provides each student the flexibility to gain knowledge across a spectrum of disciplines or to specialize in a core area. The School of Engineering & Technology at GEHU, Dehradun has state-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped Laboratories & Library Facilities.  We, at GEHU also understand the importance of holistic development of our students and it is with this objective that students at GEHU are encouraged to participate in at least one non-technical activity per semester. The activities encompass sports and games, cultural events, NCC activities, techno-managerial competitions and fests, supporting local NGOs in their work, management and organization of national and international seminars as well as being members of international technical societies like IEEE.

This forward thinking approach embraced at GEHU is evident in the placemnt offers received by graduate and post graduate engineers leaving GEHU.

Professional Development Program

With the objective of transforming our students into efficient and capable technical professionals, with analytical ability, creativity and professional competence, we impart the necessary training to our graduates via the Professional Development Program which has been integrated into the curriculum at GEHU. This program enables our students to bridge the campus-to-corporate transition and to take on professional responsibility effectively thus excelling in a field of their choice.