B. Sc Physics (Honors)

Duration :

3 years (6 semesters), Full Time

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  • Career Prospects
  • Highlights & Achievements

Physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines and the boundaries of Physics know NO bounds !New ideas in physics often explain the fundamental mechanisms of other sciences, while opening new avenues of research in areas and contribute significantly towards advances in new technologies. As a result, modern industry has been transformed by developments in computation, robotics and automation, instrumentation, and miniaturization. Indeed, there are entire industries which have grown out of developments in areas of Applied Physics such as semiconductor device physics, optics, laser physics, nuclear physics and medical physics. In addition to its importance to technology and industry, physics plays a fundamental role in affecting the attitudes and behaviour of society. The exploration of the solar system by manned and unmanned spacecraft and the discoveries made by advanced observatories such as the Hubble Space Telescope has greatly extended our understanding of the universe and our relation to it. Developments in modern physics have fundamentally changed the concepts of space, time, matter, cause and effect.

We, at Graphic Era Hill University, believe that by inculcating problem solving techniques amongst students we are increasing the analytical capabilities of our students as it brings with it a broad perspective to any problem that our students may encounter. This program at GEHU ensures that graduates of the program are uniquely qualified to contribute to the continued industrial, economic and social development of Ireland, while at the same time enjoying interesting careers. A Bachelor of Science in Physics, therefore, opens the door to many career options!

Additionally in order to bridge the gap between college and corporate, our Personality Enrichment team conducts extensive grooming and personality development workshop. This team with their corporate experience help inculcate necessary soft skills in our students which will consequently make them into better professionals. This team also conducts trainings and workshops to help our students’ clear competitive exams and personal interviews so that they may shine in their respective fields.

In addition, the Professional Communication Team has also introduced a Wordsworth Language Lab- This practical communication lab has proved to be very beneficial to the students to enhance their English Language Skills especially speaking, writing and listening skills in addition to reinforcing their grammar concepts.

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  • Admission details and application form are also available at the University Admissions Offices at Dehradun

This course enables the Students to take up advanced studies in Physics; Statistics & Mathematics can find opportunities in the following disciplines:

  • Many interdisciplinary post-graduate courses like M.Tech., M.Sc. and M.C.A. and Ph.D degree in many prestigious institutions all over India and abroad
  • Master of Business Administration and Master of Computer Applications
  • Teaching in schools & colleges where any of the science subjects is a discipline
  • Indian Administrative Services and other state and central Govt. Services where knowledge of science subjects is a definite advantage especially at the entrance examinations
  • In C.A /ICWA/GRE/GMAT etc. leading to very rewarding and self-satisfactory careers
  • Careers in Science and Technology and Management where a high level of competence and dependence on many of the science subjects is demanded

The Department of Physics, though recently established, has become a pioneer for innovation and research at Graphic Era Hill University. One such instance of the same is the Waste Paper Management workshop conducted by students of Department of Allied Sciences where they demonstrated the production of paper from waste materiail.



The students additionally took an initiative of reducing paper consumption thereby saving the environment by replacing all Files and Folders used by GEHU with those manufactured from Waste Materials.

Furthermore, the Department of Physics enhances the learning and teaching experiences of the students by adopting fun elements in its discourse.An instance of the same was the Educational Magic Show organized in association with the Red Cross Society which saw magicians showcase illusions based on scientific principles. 



Rakhi  Prajapati (BSc Physics (Hons), has been selected among the Top 50 students from all over India for Summer Training Experimental Programme at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education coordinated by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai starting in May, 2016



Event Highlights- 2017

Department of Physics Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun in Collaboration with Department of Atomic Energy, Mumbai, organised a two day workshop (November 2-3, 2017) on "ATOMIC ENERGY : Enhancing the Quality of Life"

Event Highlights- 2016
  • The Department of Physics, School of Allied Sciences has been proactively creating awareness by conducting various workshops pertaining to Hand Made Paper Production and educating various faculty, staff and student resources of GEHU about the various uses of Hand Made paper and its various environmental advantages.



  • An experimental demonstration had been organized by the Department of Physics for students of School of Allied Science.



  • The Department of Physics, School of Allied Sciences organized a Science Demonstartion with Prof Manmohan Singh Marwah in July, 2016



  • The Department of Physics, School of Allied Sciences organized a Guest Lecture spanning 3 days with Dr Gulshan Relhan, Ex-Senior Scientist, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai on "Nuclear Fission, Fusion, Reactors and other recent Trends" in May 2016.



  • The Department of Physics, School of Allied Sciences organized an Educational Magic Show in association with the Red Cross Society with magician V K Samrat to exhibit the real life applications of Physics in April 2016



  • The Department of Physics, School of Allied Sciences organized a Science Exhibition for B.Tech 1st Year and BSc Hons Physics students



  • The Department of Physics, School of Allied Sciences organized a Guest Lecture by Prof A K Singh, IIT Roorkee on "XRD and Material Identification" in March 2016.



Duration :

3 years (6 semesters), Full Time