Department of Management Studies

HOD's Message

Essential element of individual growth is the ability to challenge for the best output that translates into the confident professionals. Graphic Era Hill University’s School of management is enhancing this role to extract the unfolded potential in its students.

We are working to take our students out of their comfort, stability and solution zone to face challenges of life. As citizen of the new global village one needs to be prepared to smoothly step in the leader's shoes if the need arises. This requires a fresh way of designing and delivering the management education with a futuristic approach.

Apart from the brand name and working on the placement of the students we are trying to give the due weight age to the subjects that inculcate innovation and the creative thinking, ethnography, understanding of the digital economy, leadership and the environment related subjects. We are trying to connect the students with the people from the different walks of life so as to enable them to understand the changes in the social structure. Beyond the cognitive and the analytical abilities we also give due weight age to creativity, ability to work in the unstructured environment, ability to observe beyond the obvious, the soft and life skills. Many B-schools have been teaching how to do fishing but we are teaching how to sustain the fish in the pond.

Dr. Vishal Sagar