Department of Civil Engineering

The department of civil engineering has qualified faculty for teaching and instructing the students.

The lectures in the class rooms are explained with practical exercises in the well-equipped labs having the latest instruments and equipments. Various problems are solved by the instruments in their tutorial classes for which individual attention is given to the students by the teachers.


The department of civil engineering has following well equipped labs:

Fluid Mechanics Lab- The main instruments used in this lab amongst other include Metacentric Height Apparatus, V-Notch and Rectangular Notch Apparatus, Venturimeter Apparatus, Orificemeter Apparatus, Reynold’s number Apparatus, Boundary Layer Apparatus.

Basic Surveying Lab- In this lab, the main instruments amongst other include Vernier and Micro Meter Theodolites, Dumpy/ Auto Set Levels, Plane Table Surveying Assembly

Civil Engineering Drawing Lab - Auto CAD software for preparation of layout plan, maps and building drawing is the prime focus of this lab

Hydraulics and Hydraulics Machine Lab- Tiliting Flume Apparatus, Pelton Wheel Turbine Apparatus, Kaplan Turbine Apparatus are some of the equipments housed in this lab

Advanced Surveying Lab- This lab consists of Micro-optic Theodolite, Total Station, GPS, GIS, Mirror Stereoscope and Parallax Bar


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Global Outreach       Global Outreach

Some of the other Labs of the Civil Engineering Department of GEHU, Dehradun are

Geotecnical Lab- This lab consists of testing and analysis equipments like testing of Liquid Limit Apparatus, Compaction Test Apparatus, Universal Permeameter, Unconfined Compression Testing Machine, Direct Shear Apparatus, Triaxial Test Apparatus, Pore Pressure Apparatus

Material Testing Lab- Facilities for Tension Test on mild steel/ tor steel rod, Compression Test on wood, Double Shear Test on metal, Impact Test on metal specimen

Structural Analysis Lab- Truss Analysis Apparatus, two hinge and three hinge Arc Apparatus, Over Hanging Beam and Simply Supported Beam, Curved Member Apparatus, Buckling Apparatus, Unsymmetrical Bending Apparatus are some of the equipments available for aspiring graduates in this lab.

Quantity Surveying Practical Lab, Environmental Engineering Lab, Transportation Lab, Building Material Lab, Computer Application Lab and Structural Detailing Lab are some of the other facilities availablefor a graduate of civil engineering at GEHU Dehradun.