Department of Mechanical Engineering


Cutting Edge Laboratories & Facilities available with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Graphic Era Hill University, Dehradun further enhances the learning experience of our students. On account of the world class facilities and faculty, our students are equipped with tools and resources as they move their inspiration into the applications domain. The practice on latest mechanical machines and equipment enable them to create a collaborative environment and bring new ideas to life.

The state of the art laboratories with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at GEHU include

Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab

  • 70 work stations to accommodate any high end software. In our department, conventional drawing aids are replaced by drafting software to create the drawing sheets.

Metallographic & Material Testing Lab

  • Commercial Universal Testing Machine of capacity 100 Tonne (Computerised) is functioning to give practical knowledge by preparing specimen testing reports for nearby industries.
  • Camera Fitted microscope with display system is used to study and discuss the minute microstructure on any material. Even a test report can be generated for the specimen. Brinell and Rockwell hardness testing machine, Impact testing machine etc., are available for material testing. 

Foundry & Forging Lab

  • Aluminum melting furnace is provided to give practical training to the students regarding Casting process. Students are trained to make moulds for their own objects and Cast the metal.
  • Open hearth furnaces are provided to impart practical know how about Forging process. Machine Shop is also provided to the students.

Applied Thermodynamics

  • Four stroke, two stroke Petrol and diesel engines are provided with gadgets to note reading regarding their performances. All the experimentation work is practical oriented. Motorized Cut sections are available to understand the working of different equipments and engines.

Measurement & Metrology Lab

  • Complete lab is equipped with high end measuring equipments (Mitutoyo make), along with three granite surface plates of 5 micron finish.
  • Measurements with LVDT, Dynamometers, Load Cell etc is available and in the curriculum of the students.

Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Lab

  • All the Turbines, pumps, blowers are available in the form of test rigs, to impart technical training to the students.

Design Lab

  • Software “SOLIDEDGE” is used to design and then assemble different components of mechanical use. The students are to make the all necessary calculations regarding designing a component, and then with the help of software they have to draw is in 3D.

Automation & FMS Lab (under process)

  • Modern computing facilities are available for students at the CAD & Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratories.

High end machining centre

  • The centre is planned to be made available, to impart training of designing and making a component on a CNC machining centre.

Automobile Engineering Lab (under process)

  • Procurement of Motorized Cut sections of different assemblies used in automobiles and Car chassis is underway at GEHU.