M. A. English

Duration :

2 years (4 semesters), Full Time

  • Course Overview
  • Admission Process
  • Highlights & Achievements

Graphic Era Hill University offers Masters in English course which involves a very extensive academic activity. It is a two years degree program. The syllabus comprises a bouquet of courses to be taught over four semesters i.e. in two years.

The main objective of this post graduate program is to provide an opportunity to the graduate students to study English in-depth in its various aspects.

A post graduate degree in English has excellent career opportunities. One can pursue PhD. In English or obtain a teaching job in colleges and universities. Apart from this, this degree provides an effective platform for Journalism (Print Media and Electronic Media), Civil Service Exams and MBA. One can also become a writer, poet, translator and interpreter.

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  • Admission details and application form are also available at the University Admissions Offices at Dehradun
The School of Humanities at GEHU Dehradun in addition to the traditional curriculum, understands and integrates various teaching methodologies such as interactions with eminent writers and academicians as well visits to literature fests which inculcates in a young graduate and post graduate essential understanding of English Literature and English Language. Their curriculum also emphasizes the basic computing skills which has become essenial for any person today.
Image on the Left: Students at the Dehradun Book Fair in 2015
Image on the Right: Students at the Jaipur Literature Fest in 2016
Additionally, the School of Humanities encourages students to embrace learning even outside the classroom and adopts a continuous learning module with adequate international exposure via registations to various Massively Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

Highlights of School of Humanities

Event Highlights for the Year 2017
  • An Exclusive Microfiction Workshop conducted by Terribly Tiny Tales with Mr. Chintan Ruparel co founder of ttt


  • The Department of English organized its Department's Day on May 6. The celebrations incorporated fun frolic events namely, Bollywood Drama, Spin a Yarn, Anonymity, Spell Bee and Turn the Table. 

  • The Department of English, together with School of Media and Mass Communication organized a Guest Lecture on "Story Writing Techniques- A critical Approach" by Ms Emily A B, an acclaimed Literature and Writing Teacher who has served for several years in East Helena Public Schools and Missoula Country Public Schools in the United States, on January 24, 2017


Event Highlights for the Year 2016
  • November 2016: A Placement Training Session and Guest Lecture with Dr. Rogers P. Joseph, Chairman, Placement and a senior faculty in the Strategic Management Area at IIM Rohtak



  • November 2016: A workshop on the Power of Mind- Enhancing Memory with Mr Prateek Yadav; recipient of 8 National Awards and #1 Memory Champion in India for 4 consecutive years.

Achievers of the School of Humanities
Students of BA English (Hons) participated and presented their papers in the National Conference “YUWA 2016” within the gamut of the theme of “Channelizing Potential of India Youth for Nation Building”. The students presented the papers in the conference. The titles of the papers of the students are as follows:
  • Mehek Bajaj and Muskan Bajaj- Indian Youth Facing Drug Abuse: A Social Intervention
  • Riddhi Garg and Ravish Uppal- Youth and Education: A Step towards National Development
  • Tanya Parashar and Abhyam Jamwal- Indian Youth: The Hope for Better Tomorrow
  • Ayushi Nagalia- Youth’s Role in Nation Building
  • Shubhangi- Seeds in a Mettle
The students were certified and their papers published in the compendium of the conference.


Duration :

2 years (4 semesters), Full Time