M. Sc Mathematics

Duration :

2 years (4 semesters), Full Time

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Mathematics is more of a way of thinking, or a set of tools, than a specific learned skill. However, a mathematician's logical, problem-solving and numerical skills are highly sought after in many different areas of employment.

You learn how to understand the context of problems and develop the mathematics to represent and solve them in environmental, medical, industrial, commercial and physical contexts (Mathematical Modelling of realistic problems). Using technology to apply mathematical techniques, you develop your analysis and interpretation skills to provide solutions and conclusions to problems.

In the first year, you develop a range of mathematical, IT and practical skills, such as communication, team working and problem solving, which you use throughout the course and after graduating. You choose an optional module in each year relating to mathematics or such things as programming, career skill, Languages etc. We also conduct seminars presented by guest speakers on a spectrum of mathematical applications used in their industry. We have a strong focus on teaching and learning development and student support. The mathematics teaching team help you to learning specialist software for industrial and practical uses.

Given below are three reasons to pursue MSc in Mathematics from GEHU:

  • A focus on applied mathematics relevant to your future career in business and industry
  • Regular guest lectures’ from industry will form the basis of real-world case studies for you to solve
  • A final year project could be based around one of our cutting edge research themes such as climate modelling, nanotechnology, and industrial projects

Additionally in order to bridge the gap between college and corporate, our Personality Enrichment team conducts extensive grooming and personality development workshop. This team with their corporate experience help inculcate necessary soft skills in our students which will consequently make them into better professionals. This team also conducts trainings and workshops to help our students’ clear competitive exams and personal interviews so that they may shine in their respective fields.

In addition, the Professional Communication Team has also introduced a Wordsworth Language Lab- This practical communication lab has proved to be very beneficial to the students to enhance their English Language Skills especially speaking, writing and listening skills in addition to reinforcing their grammar concepts.

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Duration :

2 years (4 semesters), Full Time