Global Outlook

James Smith, Chair of Shell from 2004–2011, stated unequivocally:

“It is crucial for the future challenges we face, both as businesses and as a society, for young people’s education to equip them to think globally. We live in a global world, and an interdependent economy and environment. We need employees who can interact with people from different cultures, and can innovate to help us meet future challenges around, for example, environmental sustainability. The education system has a crucial role to play in this.”
Global Outlook

At Graphic Era Hill University we realize that a global interface is one of the most dynamic and exciting elements of contemporary technical Higher Education and strive to promote the spirit of globalization by means of regular interactions with eminent academicians and industry experts at a national as well as international platforms. This spirit of Graphic Era Hill University has been recognized and lauded on various international platforms with the Chancellor of GEHU, Prof Dr Kamal Ghanshala being awarded the Prestigious Best Manager of the Year in Science and Education Sphere 2015 by Prof John Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly in the prestigious International Summit of Leaders held at Oxford Town Hall. 

To further the above objective, GEHU has established international tie-ups with prestigious international universities:

Sheffield   BCU
Sheffield Hallam, England (UK)   Birmingham City University, Birmingham (UK)
Nahda   SWU
Nahda University, Egypt   Southwest State University, Russia
Nahda   SWU
Chechen State Pedagogical University   Astrakhan State University of Architecture & Civil Engineering, Russia
European Regional Academy    

GEHU is further in the process of establishing academic collaborations with Hochschule Fulda- University of Applied Sciences, Germany in the field of academics and research. Chancellor, GEHU and President of Graphic Era Group of Universities, Prof Dr Kamal Ghanshala met up with Prof Dr Karim Khakzar President of fulda to further this collaboration

GEHU in addition offers a Study Abroad Program that allows the students to experience the international academic culture under the framework of a different educational system abroad at a safe and convenient location.

Furthermore, GEHU has collaborations with various academic organizations which offer international cross cultural opportunities for the students. Below is a glimpse at some of our associations 



    AIESEC is an international youth-driven organization with the mission to develop responsible and global leaders by providing a self- driven practical learning experience by facilitating a huge number of international student exchanges.


    Heritage Institute of Languages

    Heritage Institute of Languages is a progressive language training institute in India with indigenous trainers. GEHU has collaborated with HIL to offer Spanish and German Language classes to the students.

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