Teaching Methodology at GEHU

Lectures, seminars, workshops, practical exposure, dedicated laboratory time and tutorials at GEHU provide a framework within which students are expected to explore a subject, and are encouraged to do so beyond the realm of the curriculum.

The students are engaged in activities which help them gain confidence and professional etiquettes. Self -study and exploration are also encouraged, with motivating academic staff to support and guide their efforts every step of the way. Apart from these the Online Learning Management System (L.M.S) Moodle has been seamlessly implemented for students and faculty members alike. LMS is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content. Graphic Era Hill University has been one of the few universities in India to successfully develop a robust LMS to automate and to encourage self-guided teaching & learning experience. The process of self learning at GEHU is evident in the fact that the University website of GEHU (www.gehu.ac.in) was initially developed by a team of students and faculty members of the university.


Some may initially find this very challenging, but it is also rewarding as it helps a young professional develop key learning skills that will stand them in good stead in any career that they may choose for themselves.

In addition we, at GEHU, have been developing a rigorous system of quality assurance for higher education with a view to continuously assess ways to protect and improve the quality of courses, curriculum and research.

This effort operates in four areas of quality assurance by:

  • Designing courses

    that meet the industry standards
  • Engaging in

    Quality Promotion & Capacity Development

  • Conducting Continuous Reviews

    of existing courses

  • Carrying out

    Faculty Audits

The GEHU campus further encourages and enlivens academic pursuits with its expert faculty and amicable staff, a diverse and driven crowd of young professionals aspiring a bright and successful future as well as its excellent amenities of social, cultural and leisure experiences.