Focus on Holistic Development

In today’s era, education in all domains requires a significant amount of teamwork. Several industries, where our students find employment, emphasize on the need for a “team player with good interpersonal skills”. For this purpose, we aim to incorporate project work involving student groups, and provide students with vital opportunities to effectively work as a team.

These projects would be useful learning tools where the students assimilate and implement all the concepts they have learned in the classroom to bring the project to fruition, write a report and make a presentation.

Students sometimes need mentoring, not only in technical aspects of a project but also in group interaction and effective teamwork. We ensure that this mentoring is forthcoming from our teachers. Our students have the unique advantage of acquiring team work, interpersonal and professional skills through experience. Our teachers  too play a crucial role in identifying their positions in a dynamic group; and discuss various teamwork-related problems that students might encounter and guide them through the process. In fact, the University website ( had initially been developed by a team of students under the guidance of the Vice Chancellor and faculty members of the university.

Technology offers useful tools and you are encourages to utilize these effectively to enhance your learning experience- digital audio-video content, hand-outs, multi-media facilities, state-of-the-art software and uninterrupted internet connectivity in the labs, and the Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle are all seamlessly integrated to provide an effective learner-centric, teaching-learning process.

A unique progressive learning methodology implemented at Graphic Era Hill University is the emphasis on Online Learning – over 5000 students at Graphic Era Hill University have successfully registered and completed Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from various international Universities of repute enhancing the learning experience and employability quotient of our students – You are required to register yourself for such courses every semester that are aligned to your area of interest

The industry interface is integral to the teaching methodology and curriculum at GEHU- regular practical assignments, field work and projects given by our distinguished faculty aid in providing a more holistic learning environment.

Live observation of various operational and machine designs and manufacturing processes, informative interactions with eminent members of the industry and academia as well as industry workshops and lectures hold prominence at GEHU.


It is with this objective that GEHU has been actively associating with:

  • CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)
  • IAU (Industries Association of Uttarakhand)
  • PhD Chamber of Commerce

In addition, GEHU is actively associated with a number of big corporate like Reliance Retail, Future Group (Big Bazaar) & IDBI.

These associations enable students of GEHU to undergo trainings and summer projects and provide the student a unique industry interface via academic and co-curricular programs and activities.

Graphic Era Hill University further recognizes the need and importance to better prepare the students to compete on an international level by offering comprehensive foreign language courses- under this initiative, GEHU felicitated the first batch of Mandarin (a dialect of Northern China) speaking students in 2014. Currently Graphic Era Hill University is offering foreign language courses in Spanish and German Languages.