World Classs Infrastructure

Graphic Era Hill University, in line with its vision of making GEHU an internationally recognized, inquiry- driven, ethically engaged destination university with a diverse community, whose members work collaboratively, for the positive transformation of the world by pioneering teaching, research and social awareness, abounds in well equipped & sophisticated laboratories, well stocked libraries to enhance & facilitate the entire teaching and learning process in tune with the noble ambition & aspirations of Prof. (Dr.) Kamal Ghanshala to keep the institution ever growing & developing continuously so as to become as big as the ocean of knowledge.


Set in the ambience of tranquility, the state of the art Classrooms and the Lecture Theatres are equipped with LCD Projectors, Networked Computers, whiteboards and above all adept teachers to make the classroom experience highly educational.

The designs and concept of the rooms have ensured natural sound proofing and clear visibility for all.



The state-of-the-art laboratories at Graphic Era Hill University facilitate the training and teaching of student in various streams. The labs cater to the needs of the students studying in respective departments.

Our laboratories comply with the International standards which help the students to be well conversant with the various instruments.

By handling the most sophisticated equipments, the students build up a high confidence level, which benefits them in the long run.


Conference Halls

It serves as the perfect focal point of numerous academic events with central air conditioning, ultra modern sound system, video projection facility, hi - tech lighting and provision for special light effects.

It also serves as a suitable venue for peer and industry interaction through talk shows, seminars etc.



The high roof workshop consists of shops in the field of fitting, carpentry, machine, smithy, forging, welding, tin-smithy, foundry and pattern making.

Mechanical Machine Shop is equipped with Central Lathes, Shaping Machines, Drilling Machines, Electrical shops are fitted with both AC and DC motors, Generators and Alternators with instruments for Circuit and Systems labs.


Internet Facility

Since it has been proved that the entire world is like a global village and now no part of the world is left unearthed, therefore, in this era of globalization stabilized link plays an important role.

Realizing the need for internet, Graphic Era Hill University has placed a VSAT, facilitating uninterrupted connectivity at the constant speed of 20 Mbps round the clock. Optical fiber back bone with structural cabling provides internet connectivity between and to all the computers with faculty, students, NPM/NMP, academic block, administration & faculty residences.



The nerve centre of any educational institute is its library where the books / journals that the institution makes available to its students are stored. The institute has up to date central library housed in a separate newly extended building with a total area of about 20000 sq.ft. The sitting capacity is about 300.

Graphic Era Hill University central library has a number of technical books, periodicals, video films, magazines and other national & International publication.


GEHU has some of the most diverse Sections of Library:

  • Lending Section
  • Reference Section
  • Text Book Section
  • Book Bank Section
  • Reading Room Section
  • Periodicals Section
  • Audio-visual Section
  • Reprographic Section
  • Acquisition & Technical Section


A separate digital library has been established through which students can access more than 1200 National / International journals and thousands of publications.