Young Achievers at GEHU

Graphic Era Hill University promotes learning in the true spirit- it is this very pursuit of GEHU that has enabled our students to explore their areas of interest and thus give flight to their innovations. Meet some of the young achievers at GEHU.


(image on left) Zeeshan Khan, GEHU Dehradun MBA 2012-14 received a job offer from Alfuttain Group of Orient Insurance, PSJC, Dubai (UAE) of over 10 Lakhs per annum
(image on right) Yashasvi Maken , GEHU Dehradun B.Tech 2011-15 received a job offer from Adobe of 8 Lakhs per annum including benefits



Anmol Sarin got a GRE score of 315/ 340 receiving offers from University of Texas, San Antonio (65%scholarship ~ 18 lacs Rs.), University of Texas, Dallas(50% scholarship ~ 9 lacs Rs.), New York university(25% scholarship ~ 9 lacs Rs.) & University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Neeraj Dangwal was another studentof B.Tech ME to have been accepted n University of Texas, Dallas; University of Texas, Arlington; Washington State University, Pullman; Colorado State University,Fort Collins & Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge with a GRE score of 311/34

Simol Naudiyal, was awarded the Uttarakhand Youth Icon National Award by the Former Chief Minister, Sri Harish Rawat for developing a technology for Disaster Management and Rescue Mapping of Kedarnath Valley using GIS and remote sensing.


Rakhi Prajapati (BSc Hons Physics), has been selected among the Top 50 students from all over India for Summer Training Experimental Programme at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education coordinated by Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai starting in May, 2016


Jyoti Negi (B.Tech- ECE) was accepted for the Science Academies Summer Research Fellowship Programme at IIT Mumbai.


Students of Electronics and Communication Engineering from the academic year 2011-2014 of GEHU had participated and qualified for the quarterfinals in the Texas Instrument's Innovation Challenge 2015 aimed at promoting IC-based system design among student community. 2 teams of GEHU have qualified for the quarter final round of the same. The first team comprising of Akanksha Gulati, Apurva Garg and Naina Agarwal have made a project on "Smart Crop Monitoring based on soil nutrients". The second team, comprising of Ishan Sharma, Rajni Bhatt, Himani Joshi and Sumit Kukreti, have designed a project on "Loco Gatling Gunner Assembly". Both these teams worked under the direct supervision of Mr. Rahul Chauhan, a faculty in the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Over 2 thousand teams from across India participated in the project and the team of students from GEHU were among the top 100 teams to have qualified in the quarter final round. Each team has received 15,000 INR as equipments from Texas Instrumentation for their corresponding projects. The winners of this challenge will receive a total of $10,000 and an internship opportunity at Texas Instruments, Texas (USA)


Abhilash Semwal, a Computer Science & Engineering student of GEHU has developed a prototype for “Mobile Bomb Locator Sensor” which has been declared to be the 7th best research project world-wide by Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 organized by IIT Kharagpur. He for his true spirit and vision of innovation has also been bestowed with the title of an Indian Young Scientist at IIT Kharagpur. In addition he was given a 5 Lakh cash prize by the Uttarakhand State Government presented to him by the Honorable CM, Mr. Harish Rawat. Additionally he was also offered an internship with Steria Pvt Ltd for 10 lakh.


Akhilesh Sharma, initially the chief technical lead of the university website, always had an urge to do something for the society. It was with this intention that he developed a mobile safety application, URSafe, which has now been supported by the Uttarakhand state police.


Lovesh Grover, a Computer Science & Engineering student of GEHU, at the young age of 18 published a paper titled “Weighted Code Approach to Generate Gray Code” which has been accepted in IEEE Potential.


Vaibhav Dhiman, a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering of GEHU has developed a prototype of “Sustainable Power Scheme" which contains the additional functionality of auto adjusting the speed of fan by temperature sensing.


Aditya Oli, a student of Computer Science of GEHU got certified in the course “How to Build a Search Engine” conducted by a professor from University of Virginia (USA)

     81 students of GEHU have been certified by Microsoft via their Massively Empowered Classroom (MEC).

GEHU is now a community partner of Microsoft !


Over 1.2 lakh students had initially registered for similar courses from international universities online and only less than 10% successfully completed it. A total of seven students of GEHU namely, Aditya Oli, Aishwarya Sangal, Sarthak Karnwal, Suruschi Aggarwal, Pratiksha Rawat, Varsha Manwal and Yashasvi Maken successfully undertook the online courses.

Additionally, students of Mechanical Engineering at GEHU won the inter-university quiz “Brainwave” and were awarded a cheque for 1 Lakh presented by our Hon’ Chancellor, Prof. Kamal Ghanshala. Also, students of Computer Science & Engineering at GEHU have been ranked among the top 1000 teams in Infosys Aspirations 2020 among the 25000+ teams participating.

Achievers of International University Online Courses

  • Aditya Oli

  • Aishwarya Sangal

  • Mahima Aggarwal

  • Pratiksha Rawat

  • Sarthak Karnwal

  • Suruchi Agarwal

  • Varsha Manwal

  • Yashasvi Maken Coursera androidapps101 2014

  • Yashasvi Maken Coursera digitalmedia 2014

  • Yashasvi Maken Coursera programdesign 2014

  • Yashasvi Maken Coursera programdesign 2014

  • Yashasvi Maken Coursera programming2 2014